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When do you need an ENT Specialist?
(Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist)

Most patients are referred by their primary care doctor to an Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist. However many patients self-refer for long-standing ear, nose and throat problems. An ENT specialist provides medical and surgical treatment for infections of the ears, nose and throat. As surgeons, they are trained to repair and remove tumors, damaged and diseased structures of the face, head and neck.

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ENT Specialist Ear

Your ears – imagine a world where you cannot hear a newborn baby cry or enjoy listening to your favorite radio or television show. As a part of the natural aging process most adults will eventually experience hearing loss. Recurring ear infections can lead to permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss and ear infections (otitis media) are two common problems treated by an ENT specialist. As a surgeon, the ENT specialist remove foreign bodies from patient’s ear. They place “tympanostomy (drainage) tubes” in children and adults who have repeated ear infections. ENT specialist repair ear drums which may be damaged due to infections.

ENT Specialist Nose

Your nose – imagine a world where you cannot smell your favorite foods cooking as you come home from a long day or a dozen roses delivered to your door. ENT specialists are responsible to treat disorders such as the persistent nasal congestion and post-nasal drip of allergic rhinitis. Specifically, they will manage the headaches, facial pain and pressure of sinusitis which affects your nose. As a surgeon, the ENT specialist will fix broken noses, stop nosebleeds and repair the structures of the nose and sinuses which will enable a person to breathe.

ENT Specialist Throat

Your throat – imagine a world where you cannot sing your favorite song or simply swallow your favorite dessert. An ENT specialist is responsible to care for all the structures of the mouth, larynx (voice box) and throat. Persistent episodes of tonsillitis and laryngitis are common problems that an ENT specialist will treat. As a surgeon, the ENT specialist removes tonsils, adenoids and thyroid glands. They also remove tumors from the tongue, throat, vocal cords and neck which can be found after years of smoking. In emergencies they perform tracheostomies which insure that you have an airway to breathe and provide oxygen to your brain.

ENT Specialist Face

Your face – Do you look in the mirror and see a facial feature that you long to change? ENT specialists are trained to perform both the internal and external surgeries of the head and neck. They remove “keloid” after patients have had their ear pierced. ENT specialist repair torn ear lobes after an injury. As a surgeon, an ENT specialist can change features of the nose so that it not only compliments your entire facial features but more importantly so that it compliments you.